Valerie Topete – A Brief Introduction to Bike Couriers

Valerie Topete is part of an elite few of individuals that are strong enough in will and spirit to be a bike courier in New York City. Couriers, also known as bicycle messengers, carry and deliver important messages, documents, and items of every assortment to specific destinations via bike.

Valerie Topete
Valerie Topete

These couriers are most frequently found in densely populated urban areas, as it is simply faster and more practical to use a bike to travel in the heart of the city. That is because a bicycle can’t be held up by traffic jams, worry about finding a proper parking space, or abiding by rules of the road.

A bike courier offers a way to get consistent delivery times without fees or fines in an urban area. Even today, in the age of the internet, bike couriers are frequently used by a wide assortment of companies in order to get sensitive and important information to its destination.

That is because some information is too sensitive or important to be exposed to the internet, which makes it vulnerable to viruses and savvy hackers. Bike couriers are still an integral part of the economy of urban areas such as New York City, and London.

Valerie Topete has been a bike messenger for over seven years. She has seen much of New York City on her deliveries, and believes that the need for couriers will persist, as it is still one of the most efficient and environmentally-friendly way to get documents from one side of the city to another.


Valerie Topete – The Competitiveness of the Bike Messaging Industry

Valerie Topete is a dedicated individual who is always looking for a way to advance the success of her future. Although she moved to New York City more than seven years ago in order to pursue her dreams of becoming an artist, she realized she had a love for riding her bike through the city. She now works for Mercury Rises, which is a local bike messaging company that delivers time sensitive materials all over the area.

Valerie Topete

Riding a bike around New York City is often the fastest mode of transportation because bikes are not bound to the same laws as motor vehicles. This means that they don’t have to constantly use gridlocked and traffic-jammed streets in order to get around. However, this makes the industry extremely competitive as it becomes like one big bike race. Even within Mercury Rises, the managers are constantly pitting their employees against each other in order to increase numbers.

Valerie Topete has become one of the best messengers in the company because of her unrelenting desire to be the best. Although she wasn’t as competitive when she initially started, she became intrigued by the idea of discovering the fastest routes to and from frequent delivery locations. Now she regularly competes with the other riders in Mercury Rises and competing businesses in the field. Although it sounds challenging, it is really a friend environment that is designed to bring more success to the business overall.

Valerie Topete is dedicated to her career in the bike-messaging world, and will stop at nothing to bring success to her company.

Valerie Topete – The Right Bike for the Job

Valerie Topete is a young professional who moved to New York City nearly a decade ago in search for work. She is an artist at heart, and has spent a great deal of time honing her singing and photography skills. However, it can be difficult to support yourself as a new artist, so she needed to find other means in order to continue living in the big city.

Valerie Topete

Valerie Topete is now a professional bike messenger who has been working for Mercury Rises, a local company, since she moved to the area. She has become the top messenger for the company, and has come to realize the benefits to traveling around via bicycle. Due to the constant overflow of traffic on the streets, bike can get around much faster than motorized vehicles because they are not bound by the same rules. However, in order to be a successful bike messenger you have to have the right equipment, which means your bike has to be the right one for the job.

As a bike messenger, your job is to get important documents to the delivery location as fast as possible, which means you need a solid bike. A road bike is the obvious choice for most bike messengers because of their generally light frames and thin, quick tires. However, due to the flatness of the city, a fixed-gear bike is another good option. Although it takes a little more work because you can’t ride without pedaling, once its mastered, it can be immensely beneficial for the rider.

Valerie Topete rides a fixed gear bike to get her messages delivered quickly and efficiently.

Valerie Topete – How to Manage Your Own Business

Valerie Topete is a dedicated individual who has the determination to succeed in her professional future. She is currently living and working in one of the biggest cities in the world, New York. When she moved to the area seven years ago, the constant traffic and immense density of the city caused her some light anxiety. However, now that she has been working as a professional bike messenger, her attitude toward the city has changed drastically.

Valerie Topete

Valerie Topete has worked her way to the top to become the top messenger for Mercury Rises. She hopes to use her continued success to one day operate her own bike messaging company in the near future. She is even attending local college business classes in order to expand her knowledge in the area.
She has learned that in order to successful run your own business, you have to have a solid plan with realistic goals. Starting your own business is extremely taxing in the beginning, and most businesses are unable to make a profit within the first year.

In addition, you have to hire people you know and trust to help your run it. Solid managers with quality leadership skills are a must so that you don’t have to directly manage each and every employee, as well as run the business from behind the scenes.

Valerie Topete is determined to operate her own business in the world of bike messaging within New York City. Riding a bike is the best way to get around, and there are a lot of companies that are willing to pay good money for a quick delivery service.

Valerie Topete – Tips for the Professional Bike Courier

Valerie Topete is a dedicated individual with the professional drive to be successful in any career field. She moved to New York City around seven years ago in order to pursue a career as an artist. She is a gifted singer and has sung for several amateur organizations. Although she has yet to sell any of her photography, she is also a gifted photographer as well. However, her current career is in the world of bike messaging. She works for a local company called Mercury Rises, and has climbed the ranks of the business to become to the top messenger.

Valerie Topete
Valerie Topete

Due to the vastness and the constant traffic of New York City, bike messengers are the fastest means to deliver important, physical documents from one place to another. Both large and small businesses use bike messengers frequently to deliver important documents.

In order to be a successful bike messenger, you need to know the area. New York City is one of the biggest cities in the world, and understanding the area is key to navigating it quickly. If you don’t know a particular area really well, use the GPS on your phone so you don’t get lost.

Always be ready to work. Bike messengers don’t always have a lot of time to get ready for a job, and they need to be ready to work at a moments notice in order to be successful.

Valerie Topete has worked hard to reach the level of status she enjoys within Mercury Rises. She took the time to know the area well, and is always ready for the next job.