Valerie Topete – Finding Photography Clients

Valerie Topete loves to take photos and when she isn’t working as a bicycle courier, she can be found practicing her talent. Living in New York allows her to take photos of many different people, places, and things and help her appeal to many different clients. If you want to find photography clients, these tips can help.

Valerie Topete
Social Networks
More and more people are using social networks to advertise their services. Social networks allow you to reach a lot of people and are a great way to share information about your photography services. You can create a page specifically for your services or just post information on your own personal page.

Create A Portfolio
When you have people interested in your services they may want to see an example of the type of photography you offer. You can create a portfolio by taking a variety of different photos and putting them on a website in a gallery or you can make a photo album with photos you have taken.

Use Online Classified Sites
Online classified sites are a great way to advertise anything, including photography services. Most of them are free and sorted by location. You can even post photos with your ads to people can see an example of your work.

Part of being a photographer is being able to find clients. Valerie Topete is an amateur photographer but she still works with clients from time to time. If you need help finding clients to photograph, the above tips can help.


Valerie Topete – How To Read More Often

Valerie Topete enjoys spending as much of her spare time as possible with her head buried in a book, having developed a passion for reading while studying English at UCLA. Many people struggle to share that same passion, despite having a desire to read more often, so these pointers should help anybody who wants to get more reading done.

Valerie Topete

Read What You Enjoy

Many people feel that they are obligated to read the classics in order to gain credibility as a reader, but the simple fact is that if a novel or article is boring to you, it is going to discourage you from reading regularly. Instead, understand your personal preferences and make an active effort to read pieces that fall in-line with what you like. Experiment but don’t feel like you have to finish a book you’ve started if you don’t like it.

Always Have Material Available

You should always have something new available if you are looking to read more often. In an age where Kindles and other tablet computers are so prevalent, this should not prove to be an issue. For those who prefer traditional books, however, charity and thrift stores will offer you rich sources of materials without breaking the bank.

Read Your Old Favorites

Valerie Topete has a number of books that she revisits regularly. Don’t feel as though everything you read has to be brand new to you. In fact, reading an old favorite may reignite your passion for reading, thus putting you in a better position to explore more authors and texts.


Valerie Topete – An Intro to Mercury Rises

Valerie Topete has been working as a bike messenger in the New York City area for many years. As a freelancer, she overcame many challenges to iron out a good living for herself, and her family. After working on her own for three years, fate intervened, and she met John Tudebaker, CEO of Mercury Rises, a hyper-competitive bike courier service operating in New York City.

Valerie Topete

Topete had no idea what she was getting into when she accepted a test interview from Mr. Tudebaker. Tudebaker had found her based on her reputation as an excellent freelance courier with no traffic incidents on her record. It was based on that information he thought Topete may have what it takes to compete in Mercury Rises.

One thing that became apparent for Topete when she officially started at Mercury Rises, is their spirit of competition. Tudebaker has every employee of his company in direct competition with each other. The company is all about skill and precision, speed and accuracy.

Mercury Rises has a standard that does not compromise. Tudebaker simply wanted the best couriers that New York City had to offer, and Valerie Topete found herself on that list.

Valerie Topete has now found herself immersed in the competitive culture of the company. Though at first glance the competitiveness may seem strange to outsiders, Topete has developed a kind of bond and comradery with her fellow couriers based upon mutual respect. Topete continue to perform at her best, as working for Mercury Rises offers little alternative.